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Keeping the correct gear is essential to having a awesome outdoor camping adventure. Supplies like the walrus are the ideal component to your gear. It is durable, easy to use and comes for the perfect price for any spending budget. Just be sure to test it out well before your very first camping trip.When we put together our camping list we have four main categories of gear. The 4 classes are shelter, cooking/food, clothing and gadgets. The 1st three are the most important and the gadgets category is reserved for the items that make your getaway easier and/or more pleasurable.A camping tent will be the top item in our shelter category. Your tent needs to be adequate for individuals who will be sleeping in it and most importantly it should be rated for the type of weather conditionsyou'll be camping in during your holiday. Also within this category we include things like the sleeping bag just like the tent it should be rated for that kind of environmentit will be used in when sleeping.Our second category is cooking/food. If you will be camping inside a advanced campground and may park your car or truck at or near your campsite a sizable cooler and lp or duel fuel type camping stove will serve you well. However if you will be trekking on your excursion you may choose to use ready to eat type foods that only need a small hiking cooker to cook.3rd on the list is clothes. However , you may well not think of this at first as camping supplies, it is your primary line of defense against the elements. In the scorching and sunny environment have the correct clothing on is crucial to keeping cool. If you are trekking in to the cold mountains you need to be ready for the very worst conditions that are possible to avoid injury.The final category is gadgets and it is the most popular category. Everyone loves gadgets and even the camping purest will have them, ie. compass! If you are hiking a hand held gps device unit is a great gadget to have with you on your journey. The full time RV'er may have the newest hot pepper awning lights hanging around the rv. As you can tell the gadgets group consists of almost everything. So when purchasing your walrus make sure that you have all the other necessary camping gear that you will need to have a fun and safe trip.

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